So, yang and yin go together. But,  through not seeing that, our life is, as I said geared to the thought that we might be able to make the yang side win. And so, in every thought of human enterprise, we are trying to have white without black. And this connects with what I was trying to get across this afternoon. When you talk about improving the world, you are meaning presumably that you want it more white than black, or whichever one you call the good one. If you think the black is the good, it’s all right, it doesn’t make slightest difference. You know which side are you going to take in the game of chess the black and white doesn’t make much difference except white gets first move. And now I always wait to see what you’re going to do. We think, could we get rid of the other one? Now as you know in all matters of practical living. It never works. You think now, I’ve been miserable all this time as I have enough money. I never know whether I make the payments on the car. I never know whether, you know, it’s going to be sickness. And if only I have a little more money I’d really feel great. 


So you get it. And in the transition from one stage to the other, you feel very elated, because you feel elated you’re going up. Five thousand dollars a year say, it makes a difference. When you’ve gone up then of course you’re on level again. And no longer do you have to worry about making payments. But you get a new worry. Supposing I get sick. And die of it. Supposing someone robs me. They rob me, takes it  away from me, you can worry about that. You say oh I feel so much happier if I have a medical examination. And you go to a fancy doctor, and he says I can’t find anything wrong with you. Then there might be burglars, so you get an alarm system a new locks file you go to the hours patrol and get a private guard watch you that makes you feel better for a while except that it begins to nag you she five homes, patrolmen out there they all know I’ve got something. Maybe I’m going to have to manage. 


So it grows. You worry. Because you found out that you didn’t get yang without yin. You got a new area began instead of the formal little one you haven’t you got a big yin with it. It’s no joke getting rich. It implies a great deal of responsibility, and you’ve got more worry about. Don’t envy rich people. Great mistake. Don’t envy anyone. So in the same way Chuang Tzu puts it, he’s Lao Tzu’s successor. People who speak of having good government without its Corella to misrule. All right without corroborative wrong. Do not understand the basic principles of the universe one might just as well speak of having Yang without yin, and such people must be either knaves or fools. Because our we know we were wise unless they were knaves and fools. 


But here it is, you see. You cannot beat the game. You can have the temporary illusion of winning. But by compensation you will ever so often have the temporary illusion of losing. When you go down a step. From yang to yin, you’ll feel I’ve lost something. When you go up a step from yin to yang, you’ll feel I’ve gained something. How would you know gain without loss? How could you have the sensation of more and less in relation to the sensation less fortunate station is simply. Awareness of contrast. That’s what life is. 


Now if we realize that we get the same feeling of frustration as I wanted to give you this afternoon. In trying to make it clear that so far as the improvement of ourselves in the world is concerned, absolutely nothing we can do about it. And this is simply another way of saying the same thing you cannot have more yang than you have yin. You cannot play a game which is win a no lose or a game in which everyone wins. You’re stuck with it. Now in just the same way if we recognize that applying yang and yin to all possible situations of life we get this awful feeling of so what’s the use. I mean what do you expect me to do, jump into the river and drown? Why at that point do we get the feeling of a what’s the use. Simply because we found that our favorite game won’t work. And we think that is the only thing for which there isn’t a use is the game in which whiteness when. But why not turn, change them around is not a good game has a boing boing boing boing boing, like this, goes in and out is the undulation of a wave, crest and then the trough, you go or you every kid likes a rollercoaster ride. So having both is the game, see there’s no game there what we think is the game isn’t a game in order. To win all the time when we’re winning there’s no game. Because the game is always the hide and seek. Now you see, now you don’t. The game is the story in which the villain might win and the whole idea of the drama is to make it seem to the audience that it is the villain absolutely must win. There’s no way out and then suddenly for whom the secret thing is revealed and the hero wins. Or if you want to good cry have a tragedy and the villain wins. 


But don’t you see, there is no vitality unless there’s that negative element, the one without the nothing the death the art you’ve lost finish by our. Quits. See, if that’s not there, then the other one isn’t there. And you all always winning doesn’t you know you said I with a wife and you play cribbage. Lots of married couples try to forget holy deadlock by playing games. And if one partner, be it wife or husband, always wins at cribbage, the game ceases to be of interest. Because every good player likes or sprightly opponent who sometimes wins, wins just a little bit less than me mind you,  but wins a great deal of the time it’s it’s OK as the little bit. So, if you don’t have the unknown space, death, darkness, negative you don’t have the light. So they are life consists of something else than trying to make white win. You didn’t sit down because somebody tells you you can’t make white when all the time forever and always so the black doesn’t exist. Because black my very nature is darkness and it doesn’t exist. You’re trying to make it not exist. Is there around the very fact that it doesn’t exist as our. Non existence is the necessary condition for existence, just like you have to have a front before you have a back. Or back before you have a front. They come into being together, just like existence and nonexistence. So what a friend got. In trying to get rid of nothing which is already got rid of. 


So we think, but surely this is rather monotonous, it goes up and down and down up and down see saw, life, death life, death, or birth, death, birth death.  Isn’t there some way, I mean must we play this game? It’s like a game of one upmanship I showed you earlier this afternoon can’t get out of it they’re always playing and if you say I want to play it means I got a more interesting game than the odds. Which is just the same game all over again. Would be a way somehow to transcend black and white. So we got black and we got white, that makes it even. When the something else, couldn’t be tertian quid. A new new possibility so we can have a three basis instead of two places. Somebody comes up and says. All right you’re black and white and beaver constitute the two ends of the base of the triangle I’m the apex How about that? Well you’ll say that’s odd. Because it’s odd because the first two or even. I mean when something happens that’s odd,  and that’s not say it’s odd that anything should have happened. During our it’s clear ,would have been easier for there to be nothing. And then something happens or said that’s odd then they recognize it as something and nothing and then they said all right that’s that’s right we’re even so this is our fellow comes along and says Now what about they say you’re our I havenot. You stand over against us, that makes two. We’re even, and you’re odd. Right so that makes two out of three me three goes to we’re together we two we recognize we’re black and white. You can’t have one without the other so we’re together and you say you want to be different. Ok that makes Black and White different from whatever you say you are, so we’ve got a new yang and yin. You can get out of it make fall in this same all over again make five years same all over again. This was how Liebniz reason and arithmetic you could read it represent any number using just zero and one. Damn. Can’t we get out of this? Hey what would it be if you were allowed five minutes with God, and you’re allowed to ask one question. What do you want to know? Because you know, you’ve thought this over now you know less about the opposites about the yang and the yin. And you know you can ask God and say it had to Hey, will you give me a tip to be the game. One. Work. And watch and I ask God. So you can think of all the things you might ask for. You know an electric guitar. A million dollars. And you know that wouldn’t millions because that would be any you would be a beginner along with someone. And I don’t know what I ask. 


So you go in and say God, beyond positive or negative, what is reality? God says, my child, your question has no meaning. You think oh there it is, got my one chance lost. Using. It a friend of yours say hey look you could. Tell me what he says you ask him what question should I ask. Because it says. Oh God what question should I ask you. God says so you do want to problem. Well you’ve got one. You thought it up, you wanted to if you want to game in which white only when there’s your problem. You may not but you had to have to have that problem. Because otherwise you don’t have a problem, you wouldn’t know you were here. It’s like you carry yourself without something you call other. I want you know you were you were less somebody else or somebody else altogether. In other words, the sensation of I, here, living sensitive the light beaking out beady eyed out of my skin. In time is it with reference to something over that which isn’t me I don’t want it is but it did was all by itself and this is a pretty is going up and there is and I can have this feeling without that feeling. There’s the same hocus pocus going on. If I can’t feel me without having other, that’s exoteric. Esoteric, that means I am the other. They’re inseparable. How can you have self without having to be other without self. You either are me and self on yourself I self on me and other on you. 


But you can’t as it says you can’t have one without the other. Yang and Yin. So in the same way I say well. This other I’d like to manage it,  I’d like to control it. And I know these people are are messing up my life. I don’t want them to be that much other. I’m going to fix you. And I get on a power kick and there are all kinds of power kicks, let me warn you. It’s not just politics and economics and business. The worst power kicks are spiritual. Like astrology you like to know the future. Which you really. It’s a power to get to know the future so if you can control it no surprise. If you know the future it’s already past. But if you want to know something and add knowledge then there must be the unknown. Just if you want self you must have other. So the future is always the unknown, the past is the known. And what we witness as our present is the magical appearance of the known from the unknown. You know what’s going to happen the next second, I mean there might be another big earthquake right I mean. Any minute now. Or the Russians might decide to release the A bomb. Any the minute we have a heart attack rocked it. You know what’s going to relax. And watch watch watch this thing. It’s incredible. Just watch it. You, it, self out of its vibration you know. You are using also now wait a minute so often either that means voluntary it versus involuntary. What I do and what happens to me. 


Now, what do I do. When I walk, I think, I talk I move my hands. I can be nice to you and I ask you to you I would regard both as my doing. But what about my blood circulation. I normally think that that happens to me. I mean if my heart would stop, I wouldn’t say I’d done it, I would have said it happened to me. A Buddhist will say your heart stopped, that was your karma. And karma means nothing else except doing if you’re doing your job stop. You know it doesn’t mean don’t take it literally in a superstitious way because you spat in someone’s face in a past life, you know having a heart failure is a punishment for it this time around the universe is not geared to be a kind of judicial system. I mean, a lot of priests figure it that way in order to frighten people. 


But karma means simply, if you die in a plane crash or die in a heart attack, it’s your doing. Now I’ve already proved to you that black is white. And I’m going on prove to you that what you do. Is what happens to you. And what happens to you is what you do. Because you can’t tell the difference between doing, you can’t tell what you mean by doing, unless something happens to you to contrast it with. And visa versa, you can’t have family that happens to you unless it feels different from something you do, now let’s take a look at our breath. Are you doing it or does it happen? If you do breathing exercises, you can feel I’m doing it,  just I’m breathing in, just as I raise my hand. But after a while I breathe out. I feel I’m breathing out, and I forget all about it and goes on and it happens to me. That’s why any other which means Yoga means Union joining same as the Latin ungere. Why in yoga you breath, breathing is the main thing in yoga because it’s to teach you that there’s no difference between what you do with what happens to you. You learn that through breathing. You can make the very best breath. See, we are in the good Christian terms here, the Holy Spirit, Spirit means breath see. Spiritus in Latin class man and require pretty big. Breath. Now there’s ordinary breath. When you [pants]. You know most people’s normal breathing. Or forced breath, you know with people trying to say in their their voices for lost. And then the next breath is called Holy Spirit, Holy Breath, as when the breath is no longer forced, happens when it’s nirvana breath blow out same thing as I was very. And then that you see that unforced. [chants]


You go on and on. So that’s why when monks chant are devotees of any time chant they have the idea that I am a flute. And the breath of the prana,  the spiritus of the divine flows through it, that’s what it’s is all about. Make yourself a tube for The Divine Wind. But that also means realize. The unity of the voluntary and the involuntary that’s really what’s meant by doing the will of God. Do the will. It’s one reason why we get confused in English as to whether we mean shall. I will drown and no one shall save me. 


So, think, behind what you call voluntary, you decide, having reviewed the evidence, I decided it would be best to buy this brand of detergent. I made a decision. How did you make a decision? Now I review the evidence sided uprise I can within an hour I know all that how did you work the machinery. The computer in your hand you know you pushed all these buttons but what’s underneath about it. Well I don’t know, I haven’t had a look. So you see that involuntary growth called the brain underlie underlies your voluntary decision. Because you when you decide you don’t first decide to decide. And decide to decide to decide. You just decide that means there’s something else beyond. Where you think that’s terrible, because if what I do happens to me and it isn’t really doing it all that I’m in a fatalistic thing is that I said on the other hand what happens to you is what you do. It works equally that way. You know, you have an earthquake and the thoughts in your head drift about like clouds in the sky. You can’t do anything. So in the same way, this old strain, the futility of the strange men white women to improve the world that entire futility. The frustration of it is what you mean by ‘I.’ Now it goes, it won’t work and they are I collapse is everybody is terrified of this happening. Suddenly finding out that you don’t have an ego. And heaven forbid, I’ve been building up this personality of mine all these years I’ve been very carefully nurtured this personality you tell me doesn’t exist. No, because your personality is a phantom even more insubstantial than your body. Personality is a work of art it’s like music which vanishes as soon as it’s played.