[contemplative ritual, chanting sounds]


And that the song. Is. Don’t give it a name. That’s left. Your eyes. And go entirely into a world of sound. If I should say anything to you during this. Silence. 


Just listen to the sound of my voice, and don’t worry about the meaning of the words. Your brain will take care of that by itself. Which is playing with your ears. Is also playing with your lungs. If you let your lungs breathe as they wish to, without helping. Watch what they do. When they feel like breathing out, let it go out but don’t assist. When it feels like coming in. Let it come in but don’t pull. Are you breathing or is it breathing you. Where the sounds come from. Judging with the areas. They seem to come out of silence out of nothing. What’s the nothing? Can you feel it? Sense it without words without ideas. If you keep your tongue relaxed you won’t talk to yourself so much. 


Remember, there is no special state you are supposed to be. Simply let yourself be aware of whatever state you are in. Don’t name it. Just feel. Now only is important. When there is no thinking. Where is yesterday? Where is tomorrow? Where is self? Where is other? Now would you gently allow. A sound to arise in your imagination, in the ear of the mind. The sound that is pleasing to you and which you would feel natural humming. Just your own sound. And letting your breath sort of fall out, easily and naturally. Hum the song out loud. Let it get louder…