It’s curious that in all the three approaches we have thus far discussed. The response of repentance, resignation, and rebellion, that there’s an element of desperation in each one of them. Each one is an expression of conflict. A conflict between the human being sensing himself as a separate ego, and the life situation in which he finds himself. Now remember that I pointed out, that the situation of feeling yourself to be an ego is a kind of game. It is a pattern of life, a style of life. Just in exactly the same way that a robin or an ant or a marigold there’s a style of life. It has a particular shape it goes this way or it goes that way or whatever it is we see. And so the human world in which we live out our egocentric adventures is a certain style of behavior, a certain kind of music. And so also are these three conflicting scenes. The fourth way though that we bring up now I call reincarnation. Simply because, for mnemonic reasons, I was giving four R’s instead of the usual three R.’s. And I don’t mean reincarnation quite in the sense that it’s ordinarily understood. I mean getting with life, and if this should by any chance involve reincarnation that is to say the willingness to be manifested in this world and all of the ventures, again and again and again and again, you can take it in that sense. But you know. This attitude in the religions of the world is extremely rare. And most religions are against life. Practically speaking. They turn back as it were to the law of God and say you know. You made a mistake. Either in creating the world, or in allowing the snake in the garden. And what we really have to do is get out of it. The way of repentance says God you didn’t make the mistakes we did we’re terribly sorry but we’re trying to do better next time. And we know we’ve offended them most awfully against you. But I know you will still love us and we really will do our best if you will help. The way of resignation tends to say that they are not there wasn’t some kind of original sin that man or an angel committed, but that the manifestation of the many out of the one, is itself some kind of mistake in some way. At this game, where for example all biological being used live by eating each other is a bad show and we resign. If possible we won’t eat anything that screams too loud when it’s killed. And I asked RH Blyth, or my wife I think I asked him. Why are you a vegetarian R.H. Blythe is a great British Zen man. And she said truth don’t you realise that it also hurts the plants to tear them up and so on you said yes but they don’t scream. 


But in the end in the attitude of resignation you see there is still this conflict. Spirit against matter. The sense of the dualism. Of the soul incarcerated in the fleshly prison. In the attitude of rebellion, there is still even no known or very critical way express the sense of differentiation between the individual in the world. And our modern technological civilization dedicated to the so called Conquest of nature is a preeminent expression of that spirit. But as I pointed out to you if you push it far enough, if you rebel or oppose the universe was sufficient will and vigor. You will eventually reach an impasse which is just like a fencing with yourself. You have two knives crossed, see, and you are going. To date one of them I mean if you don’t want to do it so dangerously you can do it with knitting pins always was chopsticks. And have a fencing match with yourself so that one hand tries to hit the other and the other that is to defend itself. Well you reach a stick point, because both hands know in advance what the other one’s going to do. And I use that as comparable to the situation which arises when you have opposed whatever it is that you want to opposed, sufficiently enough to discover that whatever you define as other turns out to be the same as you. Or to put it more exactly, I am not I. Turn out to be two poles of the same process. And it’s the process rather than the Poles that really constitutes you. The last word in metaphysics is if you understand the subscript whole secret there is an inside for every outside and an outside for every inside. They go together, you see. When the inside moves, the outside moves. The movement of the inside is the same as the movement of the outside in the movement of the outside is the same as the movement of the other side. When a globule of some kind changes its shape, this is the same thing as a change in the shape of the space that surrounds it only, we are brought up to believe that space isn’t there and is an unimportant factor. In the changes that go on among the solids in space. But this is why astronomers have such difficulty in communicating to the general public ideas of the come under the heading of properties of space. Why, because to the average person space doesn’t have any properties space is just what isn’t there. 


But we know now that space isn’t nothing. That it has properties only that they are not yet clearly understood. And when space may be said to be curved and by its curvature influence the way in which light is propagated. Or when, you can consider space as a magnetic field, you begin to realize that there’s something you’ve been ignoring all the time. It was for example perfectly a matter of common sense to Dante and probably many of his contemporaries, to regard space and mind as the same thing. If you read a book called saving the appearances, by a British manhose name momentarily escapes me. Baron’s field I think that’s. The way our the N S S I E L D Barenfield Saving the Appearances. Anyway,  that’s the title.. He has the most marvelous discussion of changing. Common sense says, how different it would be to live in a world where everybody realizes that space is the mind. Rather than our present superstition. That the mind is something inside your head. When neurologists looked for the soul somewhere in the brain, they can’t find it. Because they’re looking in the wrong place. The brain is in the soul. And the soul is not some kind of gaseous spook. The soul is the total arrangement, and system of relationships constituting the universe, as picked up RAM transmitted by a brain. The brain in other words as some like a radio receiver. Found it expresses enough highly complicated way the total configuration of all things that are. But in each brain it does it slightly different. So the cell, as you know, when astrologers drew a map of a person’s soul. Past his horoscope. They drew as nearly as they knew it a picture of the universe. As focused upon the time and place of that individual’s birth. Well that is a… astrology I think, is a highly unreliable science for practical affairs. But he did express in a kind of mythological image. Very beautifully. The truth that everyone is the cosmos center. In the place that you call here and now. But you see. When you don’t know that, and you think that the external world is foreign to you. Instead of being as it were, your better half. I mean imagine that. It’s so it’s so. You do I know of one difficulty that people have assimilating this idea is that what happens to me when I’m unconscious. So I go to sleep at night and if I sleep soundly and don’t have an injury. I wake up at the same moment I went to sleep. You know that just wasn’t any interval only I feel different when I wake up revive a hangover or I feel refreshed. And, but the interim just wasn’t there. And you think if it wasn’t there then but that was I ever open to everybody else’s inspection while I was lying in bed. 


Now at the same sort of situation bothers people about death. Because if you come to an end and after death, there is unconsciousness. But you see unconsciousness doesn’t last any time. It may from somebody else’s point of view. But actually, there is no such thing as experiencing being unconscious. But in the same way that you are unconscious of the way your say pituitary gland is functioning at this moment. And unconscious of the structure of small capillaries inside your body, and yet they’re working even though you don’t know anything about it consciously. So in just exactly that way, your extended body, namely the cosmos, goes on when you’re dead in the same way that your organic body goes on when you’re asleep. And as when you wake up your organic body restores its particular local consciousness, so after all of us die, the big organic body which is the cosmos wavers lives somewhere else. And they are us. By us I mean the real self the total cosmos appearing all over again and becoming conscious once more and when it happens, do you know what it will feel like? It will feel exactly like it felt when you were born. And whether you have instead of eyes long tentacles of some kind of whether you have an anti. Now on top of your head on nano head whether you have one hundred legs or two. You will see yourself as a human being. After all, mice and cats look human to each other. They think we look very odd. We are some kind of monster, because we are a different piece of the all species look human to each other because with what the word human really means is the center place. Where ever anything looks out from is from its point of view of the human place. And you must also be very respectful to creatures because although you may think that they’re not very cultured. They have a culture which is from their standpoint as refined as ours. They know, cats for example,  know that there are more and less refined cats. I’ve just been sitting on and are denizens of patio listening to a Mockingbird. And that thing has a tremendous culture. The things it can do with it voice. And there’s no apparent reason for all that is just sitting there on the T.V. antenna, enjoying the afternoon. I doesn’t seem to be a mating call no mate comes around. It doesn’t seem to be threatening anybody. It’s just happy, and it’s up there doing it stuff and making this gorgeously complex music and it’s much more complex than we can hear. There are things in the qualities of the voice, subtle tiny changes, that are perfectly fascinating. This creature is unencumbered with codes. To, in other words we judge people’s culture to such a large extent by their shopping I was talking about that was money you know why they go around and acquire things and have them all around and that’s the human way of showing off. But other creatures do it in a different way they would from their point of view criticize us as being messy. As having all these things we have to dangle on ourselves and put on jewels and things and whatnot and they would say well that’s not. For humans they have to do that because they have such ugly bodies. They look like potatoes. Underneath their skins. We have all these lovely fellows and the fish have such beautiful colors on them and they live in the water. 


One of the most intelligent creatures on earth is the Dolphin. And the dolphin many many thousands of years ago it was a land animal. But when it saw what human beings were doing and the direction the high intelligence was taking on land they all decided to go back into the water because in the water others plenty of food. You don’t have to hunt too energetically you are never right liable to run into a famine, and you don’t have to be in cumbered with houses and clothes and so you don’t have to work. So dolphins spend most of their time playing they like for example, to pick up with a human ship. And then the the ship makes a wake, and so they set that tail at that exact angle Apprentice It’s not have to graze or something and the ship pushes them along. Where they can actually swim faster than the ship goes but they don’t want to work. And they they laugh they play they break circles around the ship they do all sorts of things because that. It’s their way of life and that very very sensible people. I’ve absolutely renounced eating dolphin meat because I feel that cannibalism. The Dolphin, in other words knows how to get with it. And you see, this is the thing that these three religious approaches only find at the end of the line. Now is it possible that there could be a new kind of religious approach in which Heaven says to earth. I really do love you with no its and buts. They say in Christianity God so loved the world. But there’s always a but after it. But the world is falling away from God and He loves it of the sense of a kindly but stern father who says, this is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you. As a sort of I don’t know. The whole attitude you see, is one of Cism, schism, schizophrenia. Division between the spirit and the material. Would it not be possible for there to be a real reconciliation, in which the spiritual in the material make friends? And can say to each other genuinely I love you with all my heart. And you see this possibility emerges in the fourth way and this fourth way historically, is largely characteristic of Mahayana Buddhism. Because whereas in Theravada Buddhism, resignation is carried to its full limit. In Mahayana…what happens really, is that when a resignation has been carried to its extreme and you’ll find you can’t resign from the game. Because you are the game there’s no you to get out of it then you see this tends to happen automatically. So that the kind of personality called the bodhisattva emerges, that is to say, the one who doesn’t go off into nirvana but who comes back into the turmoil of everyday life out of compassion for all other beings and helps them to be liberated. But when they get liberated you see, they in turn become Bodhisattvas. Because there’s always someone to liberate. Because, while, with one hand reality is realising what it is with the other it’s forgetting. See. It’s like this and three for a penny three for a pound lover makes the world around that’s that’s what happens. So this is constantly going on, just like you’re eating and yet excreting in breathing out, breathing coming and going everybody is a whirlpool into which a great stream of milk comes. Out of the stakes are all sorts of things are flowing and they swell around like this and shoot out the other end and that’s that’s like a whirlpool in water you see. So everything is like that because existence is constituted by in and out. Air in alone doesn’t make any do out alone doesn’t make any do but in and out together they make a do. And so, much ado about nothing is a Buddhist conception of the cosmos. And that’s marvelous, you see, because Much Ado will be better than nothing. Nothing all by itself to see you can have nothing all by itself. You have to have something to have nothing and as soon as you get nothing about something they go together in the same way. 


So, in this point of view of then, we are at peace. In the middle of conflict. This is really the point, from which I started in saying. That from my point of view. There are no. Right religions and wrong religions. All of them are simply different like different flowers. And one has certain preferences and tastes one has one’s favorite frog flowers and the flowers one personally doesn’t like but the variety of them is necessary for every individual species they all go together. Well so in the same way from this standpoint, you get this odd view of the world as fulfilled and completed, not sometime in the future but now here today. With all its…with all those with all the things in it that appear from various points of view to be faults sicknesses, peculiarities and horrors. And now I quoted the Smalling a child a kid in a college. Who said the thing I can’t stand about college is that it’s always preparing you for something to come you never teaches you how to live now. You know that the poem. Called the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Which is not really only off but FITZGERALD It’s an extremely free translation. But it. Carries the seam that we call carpe diem. Seize the day. Drink eat and be merry, for tomorrow we die. 


And so, especially drink get roaring drunk because the future has nothing in it for you. Actually this poem is really mistranslated you should read the translation by Winfield, which is quite a different matter. Omar Khayyam was a sufi, that is to say an Islamic mystic. And the sushi is have to keep quiet about their doctrine. The central doctrine of Sufi as I’m is and I have. And that means I am he. The realisation I am God. And so they say, just as there is no deity about he. So there is no here to save us he. Well many Sufis were tortured and slain, because of the proclamation of the UN our heart so they used hidden language to propagate their ideas and in sufi smbology wine is the divinity. And to be drunk is to be enlightened, is to transcend oneself. And of course this imagery is likewise in Christianity that’s one of the meanings of Holy Communion blood of Christ anybody. Is one of the sayings in the I think the divine praises. And. So the whole meaning of the Rubaiyat is get drunk today because there is no tomorrow. Why is there no tomorrow it is not because life is transient. Not because we fall apart we keep on falling apart. So you once you fall apart you fall apart again everything is falling apart, it always has been. I mean life is a process of everything falling apart that makes multiplicity of many things. But the reason to get drunk today, because tomorrow we die is that. There is no such thing as tomorrow. There is only now, and if you don’t do it now you will never do that. Because now is the only time it can be done.


So anybody who makes preparation for spiritual development and says. Well this is a tough and difficult road and after many lives I shall finally attain you know what you’re doing you’re playing games you’re postponing it. Because you don’t really want to wake up it’s better to stay in the adventure in the dream in playing the role that you aren’t. You know who. Now you see how in this way I’ve mentioned in talking about repentance how you could play with guilt. And I raised the question What is the awful thing you’ve really done. And I showed you how the confessor. If he’s a really smart confessor will reject all the ordinary sense. All the murders and adulteries and all those things and say just small cheese,  just a piddling menial sins. But there is something awful really awful. Everybody done what do you suppose it will be. Was it something I did in childhood in a forgotten. Something you’re doing now but I forgot it Now, nobody can admit this. Because if you admit having done it you’re immediately classified as insane. It’s to say, Uh-oh, I see what happened. I am the supreme Self playing it doesn’t. And the reason for having a guilt feelings is to keep the game going. There is this prohibition. You mustn’t step beyond this mark. Don’t do that that’s the deepest taboo we have.