I suppose some of you have read a book of mine called The Joyous Cosmology, in which I referred to once a very curious experience I had with Hindu music. I happen to have acquired from Timothy Leary some of this extraordinary Mexican mushroom. And I was feeling awful. I’d come back from a trip to the east, and was tired, and had a sore throat, it’s just lousy. So I took this thing. And at the first just felt just are all right everything turned into mud. You know what you expect of mushrooms the fungus everything Fungo it kind of land. But after a while it all changed, and I found myself listening to this Hindu music. I didn’t know what it was, because the, my host, whose house I was at, didn’t explain things. And I thought when I listen to this. What kind of idiocy is going on? I thought you see,  my friend with whom one is spending the day is a pretty wild kind of fellow. And I thought he’d put on a tape recording of his and his friends antics. Because they weren’t doing anything that anybody is supposed to do. It was like children making faces. You know are they to go this. Use of children up to put those on the proof awful faces and make weird noises I just thought this is just something absolutely absurd. And then came this dit-da business you know. So I said Roger, Hey let me see the album. I got the case here it’s says, Classical Music of India. It did by Ellen Donohue. Who is the most scholars respectable pundit subject into music I said somebody is pulling my leg. No not at all here was this just babbling sounds one of the do the DAR business but they also could use their voices like oboes you know how that. And we got a close get on those and do an oboe stuff and it sounded like to us it was just the whole kind of dozens of children. Just going out of their heads. Well I listen to this and I suddenly realize. That that’s what life’s all about. And you know it was the most fantastic sudden recognition that everything in this world is gloriously meaningless. And it’s curlicues like confidence. We get mixed up about it because sometimes we think that if play that is going on when you sit when you see a phone. It has first of all the main branch then it has subbranches and all of the Sopranos has come sub-sub branches and out of the sub sub branches come sub sub sub branches and so you get a further. So now if you couldn’t number each of these levels on which things are happening you say well this is a number one level of this is the number forty two level this is number sixty five level. 


And you judge events and say it’s good it’s bad it’s proper it’s improper but what you don’t recognize is that you say something is improper because you thought it was a sixty three level whereas that really it was a hundred twelve. And you didn’t know, you didn’t realize the level the thing was on, so actually, in the whole play of human life with all its joys and sorrows, its trials and it evils its good is just something like a phone. It has to Masonic that means just simply another plan is making its life there. The Atlantic bugs the sun tan the living to they’re doing their stuff they’re living off the phone the phones living off something else we’re all dealing on each other in one way. And I saw the whole thing as this fantastic play. 


So, in order to get into the–can you get into that state you see? You get into it by listening to sound. That’s one way and there are lots of ways and one of the easiest ways is through concentration on a tone. Because you see, this is the easiest way to stop thinking for most people. If you just concentrate on a single sound. It’s very easy to do it and this stops your thoughts. In other words, it stops you talking to yourself inside your head verbalizing. And the important thing is if you want of the vision of the world as it really is you have to stop talking at least temporarily. Doesn’t mean that talking is a bad thing, it means it’s too much of a good thing. So that if you silence talking and you experience yourself. Just in the same way as you experience you [nyaahh]. It’s what’s going on. And it may be going on you know you know kind of a way that you call nice features. Like you know maybe gone that way. But so what, finally does that? That’s what’s happening and you know what we’re all taught by mothers and fathers to put a value on. See, when it goes a certain way, the rhythm of life goes in a certain way when we say oh, watch out, watch out, watch out, watch out because that may be the end what will the end be one. What’s wrong with that? Things that start have to stop. Things that go on have to go off and things that go off have to go on. But you see, we get involved by putting a value on it all. Now I could say that’s bad you should do it but at the same time getting involved and putting values on the top of the game too. Getting hung up getting hooked. So you don’t get unhooked by saying to yourself I shouldn’t be attached. I shouldn’t do this I shouldn’t do that. All you do is you see that getting hooked on is simply another form. More nonsense. More jazz, but deeper jazz so like you feel you have an ego that’s an illusion. But it’s a very weird illusion the very far out scene. Person who you might call a square who thought really committed to. The illusions of Standard Life is a very far up person because he doesn’t know where he started. He’s completely lost. But you could say it’s a great show to get that far to get that involved in seriousness. So when you look at a square with houses. Terming set on inflexible attitude you have to say secretly you laugh and say why you’re doing a wonderful job. How far. You can learn in this way to love squares. And this is the only way that will ever change in. Humans never condemn the scale of harsh language. Because they’re very far out they don’t. Get involved in other words the ultimate curlicues. 


It’s like a labyrinth, you see, all life is a labyrinth it’s a system of tubes. And there are tubes within tubes within tubes. And form on the very very great friend is of this labyrinth you get all kinds of hothouse growth. Very complicated games, so complicated that the people involved in them are lost. But that’s simply a function of being a long way from the center. When a fern or any form of plant expands from that center what is happening is this. Inside the Stephens and the stocks and the two which constitute the Solomons and all the little creatures and they’re going travelling along, and they’re getting up there they want to go out cos as always somebody along with them says, ‘Now be careful,’ if you get too far because you get too far and spoil the form. Instead of keeping inside the bounds of the fern you just go off into gas and that will be awful to you because you’re fern, you’re not gas. 


But those little creatures out there on the end say, man would like a gas so that. He would want to get way off but it is a result of the tension between those little fellers that want to go way up see other people want to stay in. Which you get the are on the clear form really. They’re working against each other but they are working even though the one thinks it’s right the other things it’s right they’re both right and they’re both wrong they’re both right and wrong but they do by being both and in a counter. Position like this they create what we call existence what we call the shape of the leaf the form of the phone. So, you will find of course, that some of them are ours in fact escaping, and some of them are going off into gas. And some of them are not some of them are staying put. And if there weren’t some of them going off into gas, there would be no energy in the things. You see, all energy is a quality of follow through when you hit a golf ball you mustn’t stop to hit up the ball you have to go really like that see right through so all energies of life are have in them a possibility of an excess, of going too far. 


When you bring up your children and you tell your children your various far out ideas and the children suddenly believe in. I’m horrified. No, all kinds of philosophy I’ve talked about is being believed by children. And they’re taking it literally. Oh my God, what will they do next? But everybody feels that way. In regard to the strength of a younger generation is coming because it’s younger generations. And we think about young people. We have terrible ideas, we think that we know what life is, and that they have to be told. They will learn it from us and be like us. We don’t take that attitude when we see the new vegetables come up in the spring. We don’t say the vegetables have to be educated to be vegetables. We say, we’re ready at last young vegetables with all the life and energy. New meals for everything so when we see young people come up say Good gracious isn’t this great to see the human race is still doing its stuff. I wonder what they’ll have to teach us. Because wisdom doesn’t come from about down it comes from below. Wisdom. Surging into us. The old people, they have a function. But they have it in order to fulfill that function they have to understand first. That they can learn from the young sources. If they understand that, then they can be wise and be teachers. If they don’t understand that in the recount to be wise you have to that’s the meaning of the saying that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you have to become again as a child. And finally, to get back to my point, to become as a child means that you do things which adults. Consider unimportant. There is a wonderful Buddhist character. His name is Hote, in Japanese, Putai in Chinese. [And] he carries around a bag enormous back in which he collects rubbish. Every kind of inconsequential rubbish and gives it away to children. Because children understand the meaning and significance of rubbish. Something which… My father when I was a small boy once said you are a picture up of unconsidered trifles. Because the rubbish is the most wonderful thing in the world from the point of view of a child. 


So, once a Zen master was asked what is the most valuable thing in the world, and he answered the head of a dead cat why? Because no one can put a price on. So in this man see who is wondering around picking up rubbish. All the trivialities of life you see is the leaves floating down the wind and laughs that. This is becoming again as the child, in other words, from the child’s point of view the things which the adult considers irrelevant to survival are perfectly important. And so children collect pebbles and colored glass and all sorts of trivia which they consider as precious as diamonds. The adults say ‘Oh, frippery.’ But they really have the secret. 


Now the child, as child, doesn’t know how to play the adult game which is a power game. And so has to be educated to learn the values of the power game to learn what’s what and what is important. But when he has mastered that game, he realizes it has no rewards. That all the things that the adults thought they were gaining by their power games are after all not worth having why you can be rich and miserable. So that having learned and having seen through the adult power game, you come back to the point  of the child. [blows lips] Well let’s have a brief intermission will suffer sessions after seminar. Just destruction.