So it is announced that the subject of the seminars play and survival. Are they in necessary contradiction? We’re going to examine the subject in the context of Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Taoist and scientific naturalism.

Living, it seems to me, is a spontaneous process.

The Chinese term for nature is one which means that which is so of itself.

That which happens very curious because because of our grammar that we speak in almost all standard average European languages.

We are unable to imagine a process which happens by itself because every verb must have a noun has its subject a director.

And we think nothing is in order unless someone or something orders it, unless there’s somebody in charge. And so to us, the idea of a process of nature, which happens of itself by itself is frightening because there seems to be no authority. And therefore, in the United States, we are in a serious social and political conflict.

Because. We think that we ought to be living in a republic.

But the great majority of citizens believe that the universe is a monarchy. And you cannot be a loyal citizen of the United States unless you believe that a republic is the best form of government.

So we’re always seeking for a monarch, for someone else upon whom to push the responsibility. I won’t take it ourselves. We always complaining that where we are is the result of our past. My mother and father were neurotic, you know, and therefore they made me neurotic and their fathers and mothers were neurotic and made them neurotic. And so it goes back to Adam and Eve. And you remember what happened in the Garden of Eden.

God set a trap by saying there is that specific tree and you mustn’t eat the fruit of it. If he had really not wanted them to eat the food, he wouldn’t have said anything about it by drawing attention to it in this way. It was obvious they were going to eat it. So when he saw Adam looking guilty and he said, Adam, hast thou Eden of the fruit of the tree where off? If I told the adoptions, not eat.

And he said, the woman you gave me. She tempted me and I did it. He looked very severely. He said, Eve, have you eaten of the fruit of the tree were off. I told you, thou shalt not eat. And she said, the serpent forgot passing about the same. And God looked at serpent.

This isn’t written in the Bible, but they went to each other because they had planned long in advance.

The universe was not going to be a merely obedient arrangement. Well, I God say you shall do thus and so and you will automatically do it.

There would be no fun in that because of Venus prizes. So it is the Hebrew theology that God put into the heart of Adam at the creation, a thing called the yet Sahara, which means the wayward spirit.

Just the kind of little. Just like you. Well, when you make a stew, you put some salt in it. You don’t want the whole stew to be salt, but just the touch thing.

So gone in creating Adam put just a touch of wickedness so that something surprising and different would happen, which God would not be able to. With MasterCard.

Now, this is very important.

You see, what we’re going to talk about mainly is our sense of identity.

Our sense of alienation and the complications we put ourselves into by regarding survival as a duty.

These all connect together. You may not see the connection immediately.

But if you imagine yourself in the position of being God in the literal popular sense of God, the father almighty, it means you’re a male chauvinist pig. And you’re in charge of everything. You know, all pasts, you know, all futures. You’re completely in control of the cosmos. You have absolute power.

And you are bored to death.

So you say to yourself, man. Get lost. I want a surprise.

And here you are. Oh, you must admit it.

The whole mark of insanity is to know that your God.

That’s absolute taboo, not only in the Christian religion, because Jesus got crucified for knowing that. And the Christians said, OK, OK, Jesus was God, but let it stop right there. Nobody else. But the gospel was the revelation to us all that the Hindus knew forever.

That’s why Europe. And if Jesus had lived in India, they would have congratulated him for finding out instead of crucifying many people in India.

Who knew they would go out in disguise? Sri Ramakrishnan, Sri Rahman, the Maharishi Krishna himself, Buddha, everybody. They discovered it because it’s not an exclusive claim. I alone am that you all are. As I look into your eyes, I see the universe looking back at.

So we’re in a situation where it’s a taboo.

We must admit that we know who we are.

So as to have the the thrill, that sort of self goosing effect of feeling lost, feeling strange, feeling alone of not belonging. And we say in popular speech that I came into this world. You did nothing of the kind. You came out of it just in the same way as the fruit comes out of the tree, the egg from the chicken, the baby from the womb. We are symptomatic of the universe. We are. It’s nerve endings, just as in the retina. There are myriads of nerve endings. So all of us are nerve endings of the universe, and there are many of us. So that the universe is point of view of itself will not be prejudiced to be many sided.

And so fascinating things happen.

We want to find out what it is that’s going on. And we do with telescopes to find the farthest out things. And with microscopes to find the farthest in things.

And the more powerful our instruments become, the more the world runs away from us. As our telescopes become more powerful, the universe expands as it’s ourselves running away from ourselves. The more accurate our physics becomes and we investigate the nucleus. Some years ago, we thought we had it. We found a thing called the atom and that was that. Then groups than the electron turned up. Then bang, there was a proton. And then when we got those that came out, all kinds of things made songs anti matter. And it got worse and worse and worse because we got sharper.

And so we are a self observing system, which is like the snake, the rubber us that bites its own tail and endeavors to swallow itself to find out what it is. It’s like the whole question of who am I? I would like to see me, but look at your head. Can you see? It’s completely invisible and it isn’t black. It isn’t like that. There’s a dark spot behind my eyes. It isn’t even blurry. It’s plain. No way. And thereby ending the tale. Most of us assume, as a matter of common sense, that space, this is nothing.

This is not important. It has no energy. But as a matter of fact, space is the basis of existence.

How could you have stars without space? Stars shine out of space. Something comes out of nothing.

And in just the same way, if you listen and then unprejudiced way with your ears to find out. You see, I’ve got the sense organs here and I’m going to trust them to find out what is going on. What really is a new.

And you hear all these sounds coming out of science. Silence is the origin of song. Just the space is the origin of stars. Just this woman as the origin of man. She is black.

Also, if you listen and pay real attention to what is.

You will discover that there is no past, no future and no one listening. You can’t hear yourself listening.

So you live in the eternal now and you are that taught by Marcy.

That’s really extremely simple. Isolated.

Now, then I started out by saying.

Survival going on living. Is a spontaneous process. Love is the same.

But the trouble is that when we our children. Our elders and betters told us that it was our duty to love. God said, thou shalt love the Lord, thy God with all our heart and with all my soul and with all my mind, my neighbor as thyself. And so our mothers said to us, you must have a bowel movement after breakfast.

Try to go to sleep. Take that look off your face. Stop pouting. Oh, you’re blushing. Pull yourself together.

Pay attention.

And all these are commands. The basic rule is as follows You are required to do that, which will be acceptable only if you do it voluntarily.

That’s the formula. You must love me. And it’s a double bind and everybody is completely mixed up because of this. So, you know, this stupid story I often tell the husband says the wife. Darling, do you really love me? And she says, Well, I’m trying my best to do so. And nobody wants that answer.

They want to be told, I love you so much. At that age, I can’t help loving you. I’m your hopeless victim.

And so we are under the compulsion to go on living.

You must go on living. It’s your duty. Get tired of living and scared of dying. You must go on. Why?

Well, I have dependents. I have children, and I have to go on working to support.

But all that does is to teach them the same attitude. So they will go dragging along to support their children, who will in turn learned from them to go dragging along and fighting this thing up.

And so I watch with total amazement the goings on of the world, see all these people commuting, driving cars like maniacs to get to an office where they are going to make money. For what? So that they can go on doing the same thing.

And very few of them enjoy it. Sensible people get paid for playing.

That’s the art of life.

But the whole idea of struggling and beating your brains out in order to go on living is completely ridiculous. Comes at the beginning of his book, The Myth of Sausages made a very sensible statement. He said The only real deep philosophical question is whether or not to commit suicide.

Must you go on? Because it would be so simple to stop the problem.

Nobody around to regret that it wasn’t going on in the longer run. What is it like? Death. Go to sleep and never wake up. Oh, that’s terrible to be in the dark forever. It wouldn’t be like that wouldn’t be like being buried alive forever. It would be as if you never had existed. And not only that, you never had existed, but did nothing at all it ever existed. And that would be just the way it was before you were born. Which is another way of demonstrating how something comes out of nothing. Nothing is the essential prerequisite of something like that. But back in front of the same kind as the Chinese, say, the young and the intimate. So like you have an invisible head.

Your ultimate reality, the ground of your being.

Sun Yat is the Buddhist called the Void.

Which is space. Watch his consciousness. Which is that in which we live in movement about being.

The Great Void.

And fortunately, there’s no way of knowing what it is.

Because if we could know what it is.

We would be bombarded.

A little function of interest is a mystery. There was a great Dutch philosopher by the name Vanderbilt who said the mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. And fortunately, we see we have in the middle of all consciousness a perpetual problem, a perpetual question that we don’t know what it is that is.

Therefore, life remains interesting. We’re always trying to find out.

But it won’t yield the answer because reality when you say what is reality? The only way to answer the question, what is by classification? It is you is or is you ain’t you male, is you female? Are you a Republican or Democrat? Are you animal, vegetable or mineral? Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar and thief. We put you in a class, but what it is that fundamentally is cannot be classified. So nobody knows what it is. And you can’t really ask the question in a meaningful way. What is reality now? There are many theories, philosophical theories about what reality is. Some people say, well, reality is there material.

There’s something called stuff. And philosophers with us, they’re always lecturing in front of tables in the universe. You know, they always bang the table and say, now, does this table have reality or not? And they bang the table.

When Dr. Johnson heard about Bishop Berkeley’s theory that everything is, in fact mental, he disproved it by kicking a stone. And said surely to every person of common sense. This stone is really material and physical. Whereas on the other hand, more subtle thinkers say no. There is nothing material.

It’s all a mental construction. The whole world is a phenomenon of consciousness.

When Bishop Berkeley’s time, they didn’t know much about neurology, now we know a great deal about neurology and we can state the same position in a much more sophisticated way that the structure of your nervous system.

Is what?

Determines the world that you see. In other words, in a world of no eyes, the sun would not be light. In a world of no tactile Nevins fire would not be hard. In a world of no muscles, rocks would not be heavy. In a world with no soft skin, the rocks wouldn’t be hard. What’s your relationship? So even there’s the old question. When a tree falls in a forest and nobody is listening. Does it or doesn’t it make a noise? The answer is perfect. Simple.

Noise is a relationship between vibrations in the air, in the air and the eardrums. Not if I hit a drum which has no skin on it. No matter how hard I hit, it wouldn’t make a sound. So the air can go vibrating forever. But if there’s no drum and no auditory nervous system, there’s no noise because the noise is a relationship. So we, by virtue of our physical structure, evoke. The world from vibrations that would otherwise be void. So you’re creating the world. But you’re also in the world. Your body, your nervous system is something in the external world. You’re in my external world. I’m in your external seat.

So it’s an egg and hen situation.

Passions fascinate, so we are from a very hard boiled neurological point of view, evoking the world in which we live.

And we are something that the world is doing. After all, what you are from the point of view of physics, the physicist will explain that you are buzzing of electronic substances and processes just like anything else. It’s a it’s all one jazz. But marvelous because it is aware of itself through you.


Existence, however, has two aspects. You’ll call one of them on the other off because all existence is a vibration.

If I am sitting next to a girl at the movies and I feel attracted to her and I put my hand on her knee and I leave it there, she will notice the first, but she will become unaware of it. If I don’t move my hand. So instead of just leaving my hand, I start stroking that or patting I mean, saying.

Then I go on and off, on and off, on and off. And she realizes that I’m paying attention.

See, so everything that is happening to us is that young yak, yak, yak, yak, yak, yak. But this I’d take with that with the sense of sight, the vibration of light is so fast that the retina doesn’t register the off.

It retains the impression of the arm. And so with our eyes, we see things as relatively stable.

But if we close our eyes and listen. We hear on and off.

Especially in the low registers of sound in the high register.

You can’t hear the off, you hear the arm, but you get the low register.

You see here they are on and off the vibration. Actually, everything that is physically existing is a problem because it is positive and negative electricity.

Incidentally, read the article on electricity in the 14th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Just the first two paragraphs learned scientific article with all kinds of formulas and stuff, but it starts out with pure metaphysics. Electricity, says the author, is an absolute.

We do not know anything else that is like it.

A fundamental, you know, since talking pure theology and.

So that this is it. You see the thing it does on and off.

Male and female. Yeah. Now you see now dump.

We’ve been brought up.

To think that with our 19th century background, to think that this energy which goes on and off is inherently stupid, that it is a mechanical thing. Freud called it libido and take will call it blind energy.

And so therefore, we feel that we as human beings.

Are flukes a million monkeys working on a million typewriters for a million years?

Might statistically tied the Bible.

The cost thereafter, as soon as they got to the end of it, they would dissolve again into nonsense. But we feel we’ve been brought up to feel and see that we are flukes. In that sense, we are simply accidents.

And that is Aryan Nations. That is the great problem. And it seems to me completely obvious that we are not accidents. When we say, you know, you’re nothing but a little bacterium that crawls around on a bowl of rock that circles an unimportant star on the outer fringes of the minor galaxy. Why do people say things like that until you what they want to say? I’m tough. I look at the facts, the hard facts.

The idea that there’s somebody up there who cares is a little old ladies weaklings.

And I think this universe is a bunch of shit. So I’m a real realistic guy. But that’s the message you get from these people.

Always look in a person’s philosophy.

As to what he or she is saying about himself. Cause your philosophy is your your role. We gave you put on. Now, I admit, you see, my philosophy is my game I put on my big ass. Well, I think if I’m going to put on a big act at all, I’m going to put on the biggest one eye and say up there with all that nonsense.

I know very well that although I’m in permanent, which is just the way I want it, because I wouldn’t like to be preeminent on a board, that would be.

But I am an impermanent manifestation of the which in which there is no future of the route and grounds. The universe, which is St. Thomas Aquinas would say, is what all men call God Ottoman Brahma.

And I think it’s fun to know that.

Not merely as a theory, but as a positive sensation, which you can actually feel. And so therefore, my function in conducting the seminar with you. Is, if at all possible that you should share this feeling.

Not need anymore psychotherapy would not need any more gurus and not need anymore religion.

Just take off.

Except, I mean, there is something called religion for quick for kicks.

My favorite church is the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Paris, where they really live it up to.

They have gold, incense, icons, masses of candles and gorgeous music and priests come out from the secret sanctuary we know behind the royal doors. The Equinox diocese divides the the main church from the inner sanctum and the doors open. Somebody comes out looking like God, the father, you know, beautiful robes.

And you see all those little ghost more useful roles for all the choir goers also voting for me.

And it goes on and on and on. And when you get bored, you go across the street to a vodka shop where they sell vodka and caviar, bleaney to village, keep it on ski and everything, you know, and everybody lives it up and they go back to church again. That kind of religion is like dancing. It’s a it’s a joyous expression and it’s not telling God what to do because all this thing is an old church Slavonic, which nobody understands. And it’s just making great. And Doris knows that this is essentially music.


Now, what I would like to suggest is that we have a brief intermission that you can stretch for about five minutes, and then I would instead of monologue in that you would like to talk all of your reactions. Questions don’t feel that. You just have to ask questions if you want to react in any way.

The whole point of the seminar, incidentally, is that it is a free for all. Instead of the big public lecture.

Well, this has to be restricted so I can give as much of my self dues as possible, so please help yourselves.