Now, since we are dealing with play, our next step is there are two steps now to follow. We’ve got some more theoretical matter to go through. And after that, we get into nonverbal practical matter. But I want to talk about music for a while. Do you realize that music could be defined as the greatest vise and addiction in the country?

It’s a colossal industry. People are utterly dependent on it. Lots of people can’t do without music at all.

Either billions of dollars go into the making of records and to the artistry of playing instruments and all this kind of thing. And it’s completely and utterly useless from a practical point of view. Everybody gets excited about people being alcoholics, being heroin addicts, being marijuana smokers, being this, that and the other. But you could say there is a disease called contagious and the core database is addiction to melodious noise. That’s absolutely fascinating because when people they go to these concerts, you know, where a most elaborate productions are put on and then compulsively they have to come over and say that we did it.

And herein lies one of the great mysteries of being. Because. Music like survival doesn’t really have to happen.

Now let’s look you see, therefore take music as a model of the universe.


Is a fantasy with no destination. Dancing is the same thing only in motion. And when we dance, we are not going anywhere except round and round. And the universe, according to the Hindu theories, is going round and round. But according to St. Augustine of Hippo, the universe is going along on a straight line.

And this was one of the most disastrous ideas that was ever visited upon internalization since Augustine said if that if time is cyclic. Jesus Christ would have to be crucified again and again.

And there would not be, therefore, that one perfect and sufficient sacrifice, ablation and satisfaction for the sins of the whole world.

And therefore, time had to be a straight line from the creation to the consummation to the last judgment, because then everybody stopped thinking as they didn’t know what they were going to do when they got to heaven, they knew what they were going to do in hell.

And it’s perfectly clear if you look at young Van Dyke’s painting of the last judgment in the Metropolitan Museum, the superb work of art. Everybody in heaven is completely bored sitting there looking like the capital swallowed the canary. Rows and rows and rows of them. And the Lord God Almighty is presiding and looking equally bored.

But down below. There is a back winged start spreading out those ghastly wings, and they’re all new bodies, writhing and being eaten by snakes and chewing each other. They’re having an orgy. But all those stately people in heaven are in church forever, and that is the ultimate boredom. They also observe Gustaf Duvets illustrations of Dante’s demeanor comedian. He was a magnificent engraver. And while he’s on the theme of the inferno is full of imagination in the Bogota trio, his imagination declines a little bit. And when he gets to the parody so it shot is all he has is ladies in White Knight is trailing in circles through the skies angels and he has no idea what an angel is. The only man who really understands angels is an Austrian artist.

What could be.

Yeah, who has fantastic imagination as to what an angel really looks like. So.

But they’re very rare people. We’ll have the Persian painters out a true vision of paradise.

Persian miniatures with their lovely gardens and jewel like trees and people sitting around smoking hookers and observing the birds. They. They really had it. But it is extraordinary that our idea of the paradise is weak. That’s why I said earlier that students should write about their idea of heaven and to get the imagination going.

Well, anyway, the point is that we reach it and that’s never been admitted. Is that heaven is the perfectly useless state.

What is God for what purpose is served by God? Obviously, none at all.

Imagine some use for God.

It’s inconceivable.

Yes, but that again, you see, it returns to uselessness to say like every like everything else and like children when they’re little.

And why is it a little let me give you a little a little about the community level, a little bit about it.

I know they love it. And adults say, stop that.

Behave yourself. It could be used for big purposes.

So but the universe is not. And here you see giraffes, hippopotamus, these ferns. Have you ever looked at high magnification of viruses?

They’re insane. And of especially red radio. Lauria, which you’ll find in the depths of the Indian Ocean, are the most magnificent pieces of jewelry that you could ever conceive. They have in the New York Museum of Natural History. Glass models of these blown up to be so big and you can’t conceive anything so beautiful. There are tiaras.

There are spheres with spines coming out that look like, you know, the thing you always wanted and that you want to give your best girlfriend as a Christmas present. Gorgeous things. Why is it true that when human beings want to symbolize the ultimate, they will almost invariably pick a flower? Get the rose windows of the great medieval cathedrals. You get the Buddhist lotus is you get the mandolins. They are all flourish for Stella. Beings, we somehow look to the flower with more reverence than we look to the human face. That is odd. Because eyes are really, in my opinion, the world’s most beautiful jewels.

You look in somebodies eyes. Really? Look, we always avoid eye contact in your own way because they’re taboo. But if you really got some friend and you can sit in front of them and look deep, deep, deep into the eyes.

This is absolutely fascinating, but flowers all eyes. Iris?

And the circularity of the eye is the same principle as the circularity of the flower color. Beauty of the depth transparency my mother used to say showed me a morning glory. Doesn’t it make you feel jazzy inside?

So. Find his them that the music.

Is life for its own sake?

Where we are living in an eternal now, when we listen to music, we’re not listening to the past. We’re not listening to the future. We are listening to an expanded present. Because to hear Melody is to hear the interval between tones. If you can’t hear the interval, you’re tone deaf.

So just as we have a field of vision which is so wide, so the present moment is not, as the talk indicates, a hairline that.

The present moment is a field of experience.

Which is not what we would call instantaneous. Much more than that, so that within the present moment we can hear intervals between tones and rhythms.

So we get the feel of a sequence going on.

So when I talk about the eternal now, please don’t confuse it with a split second. It’s not the same kind of thing. The eternal now is roomy, easy, lots in it. Rich. But frivolous. There’s a wonderful tale that reminds me that there was a clergyman, Christ Church, Oxford. Who had terribly bad handwriting so bad he couldn’t read it himself. He was preaching a sermon and he started out looking at his notes and said, oh, you who are frivolous.

Of course. Woo hoo, all frivolous, of course. Well, you. Followers of Christ.

But, but, but, but do you see the connection?

Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow. They know that there’s been. Yet Solomon, in all his glory was not clothed like one of these. Do not be anxious for the morrow. You are frivolous, of course.

And the eyes told some one over lunch time, but G.K. Chesterton said angels fly because they take themselves lightly and say there is a divine frivolity, the love that moves the sun and other stars is frivolity.

And God, therefore, might be described as being sincere, but not serious. If I say there’s some lady says to me, it’s beautiful and attractive and she says, I love you. And I say to her. Are you serious or are you’re just playing with me?

That’s the wrong answer because I hope she’s not serious and that she will play with me. So I should say to her, are you sincere or are you just toying with me?

So that playfulness is the very essence of the energy of the universe.

But I believe to be a level, a level, a level of activity. See, that’s what’s happening. It’s music.

And bad music like written by Tchaikovsky has a meaning.

See, good music as written by Bach has no me. Bach is just making marvelous patterns of sound. Let’s strike. Koski with the 1812 Overture is imitating the noises of the Napoleon retreat from Moscow and even what’s his name, WC with this in glutted cathedral. This is tried to represent with music something other than the music itself. But the classical music, whether it be of the west, of the Hindus, of the Chinese, has no other meaning than its own sound. Now, words usually have meaning. Words are noises and they represent and point to something other than themselves in the same way as dollar bills represent wealth as maps represent territory. Words represent something else. Water. The sound water will not make you wet.

It’s very important. You can’t drink that noise.

Water, therefore, the word is symbolic and points to something other than itself. And so we say of words they have meaning. Now people get all fouled up because they want life to have meaning as if it were words. No gutter was hung up on those islands where Gaelic is nearing life.

All it is mortal is but a symbol.

See, confusing.

The reality with words. What does this mean?

What do you mean?

Huh? It’s an insult to ask you what you mean, it’s as if you had to have a meeting, as if you were a mere word, as if you were something that could be looked up at a dictionary.

You are mean. This is the point you say. That the meaning.

The good thing about life is exactly here and now we’re not going anywhere.

Did you get this point of view? Go look out on the street and you will see people frantically thinking they’re going somewhere, that they have important business and have a far look in their eyes and then there’s a slick way out in front and they are going somewhere. They are on purpose.

They have something to achieve here. Now, sitting around here, we realize we don’t have to go anywhere.

I mean, we are, in a way, a captive audience, but we don’t have to go anywhere at all. With this group. And this is where it’s at. That’s why the Hindus call the true self of us all the ottoman. The man where it’s at.

That’s terrible.

It’s horrible. Yes. It’s I.

I’ll tell you another one.

There is a being in Buddhist iconography called our local diaspora, who is also known as come on in Japanese and Indian and Chinese. Chen Raza in Tibet. And this is usually interpreted as the goddess of mercy that she is represented with 1000 arms.

Already dating because she is the cosmic millipede and the embodiment of compassion.

However, she is not completely a she. She is an aphrodisiac male, female, I have a low key dash for another low key test for a means, the watchful lord, one who is always caring.

And you can remember it because as the companies say, ever look at.

And that is good.

Take a look at it.

Have a look at. Language is simply fascinating. We could go into this and play all kinds of games with the with words and music and magic. But now here is the thing that we’re getting at is that.

A culture which excludes frivolity. Hasn’t lost the point of life, and this is where the Chinese communists are in extreme danger.

They are the most earnest, dedicated to survival. They were in an awful mess and it probably had to happen.

But the style of life in China and also in Russia is drab. Because they think that the point of life is to go on living.

And so long as you get by, no matter how horrible the food is, how drab your dress you’re getting. And this is completely missing the point.

My spies informed me that I think they still have good food.

If your comments are now getting there, I think it’s easy to wrap around.

All I have to go to do I have to go that and be persuaded.

But when I look at Mr. Mounts or don’t.

Even Joe and Lai was obviously a fellow of enormous competence and brains. I wish there is more imagination.

We were talking about this just before it rolled out with this gentleman here, and I said I’d seen all the films I’d seen on communist China. The thing that impressed me the most was there was no humor.

That’s the trouble that the mistake is on page two hundred and twenty four amounts of domes, red book realism. Now I tell you. Exactly. No, no, no.

I tell you the mistake where he says. It is essential to have a furrowed brow to think.

And that is the error I pointed out this morning to think that straining the muscles of the forehead has anything to do with clear thinking. That is against louder. Who is the greatest of all the Chinese philosophers? The father of wisdom and so amounts, Adams says you must have a furrowed brow.

See, there’s that little slip that.

I know my day, I don’t want to pick and argue with an argument with you because you’re beautiful, that you are so naturally without any effort. See how without a furrowed brow. See, nature does it.

I to think that was a great example of.

But it is really basic to psycho physical functioning.

You cannot make him make your mind, your nervous system efficient by straining. See, so he makes that mistake and that indicates an excess of seriousness. This is the point we’re getting now. See that?

Life is not worth living if it is compulsive.

Why did so many people do that?

I mean, when you said at the beginning something about the big question is whether to commit suicide or not. The vast majority of people don’t commit suicide. No. Why? Because.

Because well, the the answer to that question isn’t simple. You have to answer within a in a in a kind of double way. The vast majority of people could be said not to commit suicide. A some of them enjoy going on. So, yes, some of them are terrified of committing suicide of death and feel therefore they must go on. That is it. It is an absolute necessity to go on as long as possible. While there is life, there is hope.

That’s a terrible motto.

But some of us like to go on simply because we’re enjoying the dance, even if we are not very rich and.

We live in a fairly simple way. Nevertheless, the companionship with other people, the sight of the sun, the stars, the grasses, the sound of water is its own explanation.

There’s haiku poem says the long night. The sound of the water says what I. And therein we have this thing which I’m trying to describe as play play in Sanskrit is Leila.

Leila is our word lilt. And the universe is called Vishnu love the sport or play Vishnu, and we can go into that very deeply because when we talk about the play, we also talk about the theater.

And the theater is very curious phenomenon because it is defined by a stage in a proscenium arch. And behind the scenes is a green room is a green room. The actors dress up.

And they know who they are. In reality, before they assume their persona, the word pass sonar means a mask that through which sound passes their sonar. Because the masks worn in the open air theater of Greek or Roman drama had megaphone mouthpieces so that the sound would be projected in the out of doors.

So the person is the fake.

Your personality is your image of yourself, which is not you at all. Is your mask.

So the actors come on and they stratagem is that the actors want to convince the audience that it’s real. What’s happening on the stage? The audience knows by virtue of the proscenium arch and the kind of fencing off of the stage from the spectators, that what is going on on the stage is not really for real. The actors are going to act so well that they’re going to have people weeping, laughing, crying, sitting on the edge of their seats and anxiety because they’ve almost persuaded that this show is for real.

Now imagine pushing this to a far extreme.

The very finest actors with the most appreciative audience.

And here we are. Yes.

See, we believe it through. And it’s not.

And we take it seriously and therefore, because we take it seriously and we don’t see through, we kill each other and I mean to each other and we exploit each other. No real reason whatsoever. If we understood we saw through that and we knew that this whole life was a joke. After all, what is the joker in the deck of cards? The wild card that can play any role.

The Joker is the symbol of God in the pack.

Now, fourth kings in ancient times would always have adjusted, of course. And what was suggested? The man was crazy. He was a schizophrenic who would make unpredictable remarks and everybody roared with laughter because he said things out of context.

Schizophrenics basically are in a way, liberated people because they don’t give a damn.

You get a schizophrenic child and the schizophrenic child doesn’t care whether it’s knocked down by a car.

Whatever happens, happens. Liberals are positive that you’re valuable. We must preserve you.

Charles and Co.

So they got these schizophrenics who are funny people. And they sat at least foot with the king’s throne to remind the king.

Not to take himself seriously. You know, in Richard the second.

Within the hollow crown that rounds the model temples of the king keeps death his watch. And they’re the antiques. It’s the antique means the jester. They’re the antiques. It’s scoffing at his taste state and grinning at his pump, allowing him a little space to monetize. Be feared and kill with looks. And then at the last comes death. And with a little pin balls through his castle wall and farewell in.

Shakespeare is full of this kind of wisdom. The transience of life are rebels now are ended and these are actors, as I foretold, you were all spirits and are melted into into thin.

And like the baseless fabric of this vision, the crowd cloud cap towers, the solemn temples, the glorious palaces, the great earth itself, by all which inherit shall dissolve like this insubstantial pageant, faded leave, not a rack behind. We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded. Obviously.

See the most fantastic things in poetry. Work on the theme of insubstantial, substantial reality of transience. It’s all fading away. Everything we we are each one of us, not a substantial entity, but we are like a flame. And the flame is a stream of hot gas, like a whirlpool and a river. Every one of us is a flowing. Now, if you resist that.

You go crazy, you like somebody trying to grab water in your hands. And the harder you squeeze it, the faster it slips through your fingers. So the principle of the enjoyment of life is this is not a precept. This has nothing to do with my realisation. It has nothing to do with what you bought should, etc..

It is completely practical. Don’t hang onto it. Let it go.