We can consider the pursuit of pleasure in two broad senses.

One which might be called lower than the other, which might be called higher, although I’m not very happy with that classification.

There is the pursuit of material pleasure and art. Very much neglected in this day and age. Because it must be carefully distinguished from the pursuit of theoretical pleasure. The pursuit of material pleasure is an art requiring a difficult discipline. Much devotion and much skill. And it ranges through all the activities of man. Engineering. Cookery.

Clothes architecture. Love making. And the so-called fine arts, music, literature, painting, sculpture and so forth.

But we are living in a culture.

Where the pursuit of material pleasure is, as I say, neglected in pursuit of a symbolic pleasure, which of course, like many religions, has its prayer mat because a monetary unit.

Is, of course, useful in exactly the same way that inches and hours, days, months. Pounds, grams and other units of measure are useful. But nobody has yet made a claim to fame by collecting inches. I have more inches than you because it is not a matter of social agreement that the possession of inches represents the possession of wealth.

It is a matter of social agreement. And this is the only validity for money having any value whatsoever is that everybody agrees that the chips are worth so much. And money is exactly like poker chips. Except there’s an agreement between all of us that we will accept them in lieu of goods and services.

But goods and services constitute real wealth.

And we are living in a society where we eat the menu instead of the dinner. Because we are more interested in accumulating the tokens of wealth than wealth. And this flows over from symbols such as money itself into many other dimensions of life, because we tend on the whole to confuse symbol with reality.

The idea that this world that we see with our five senses is a material world is merely an idea.

Materialism as a philosophy of nature, dialectical materialism, naturalistic materialism is a point of view. It’s a concept. It’s very, very highly abstract notion.

So equally is the notion that this world that we see with our five senses is basically mental or spiritual. That also is a concept. The actual world is neither spiritual nor material. There is no way of saying what it is because it is like mystical experience, ineffable. It cannot be left or spoken from the Greek fehmi to say. So. That world, which is neither spiritual nor material, is the neglected world.

Most people think of it as material, but it’s very much overlooked. Symbols are substituted for it.

That is to say, we have symbolic goods.

People live in symbolic homes, drives symbolic automobiles where symbolic clothes.

Which are valued for what they cost. Rather than for their quality.

And this is, of course, as I’ve insisted perhaps that nausea especially manifested in what we eat. We our standards of cooking are improving.

Thanks to Gourmet magazine and a few redoubtable people on the radio like Julia Childs.

But by and large, the food of even wealthy people.

It’s disgraceful.

It is symbolized by bread. Which is supposed to be our staff of life and we eat nothing but a kind of consumable Styrofoam fortified with vitamins, and you can read the list of them on the wrapper as if it were medicine.

Also in the pursuit of pleasure, in the form of the fine arts, we don’t really enjoy it. An enormous number of reasonably affluent people who attend concerts and go to exhibitions of paintings go there because they think they are improving their minds. That in some way doing things like that is good for you. People go to church for the same reason. That’s the last reason for going to church because it’s good for you. That is an absolutely morbid interest because it distracts you from what is going on. If you listen to. Bar, because you think it’s good for you, you’re not listening. In order to listen to bar, you have to swing with it. And then you forget all about whether it’s good for you or not. In fact, it feels more like things that are bad for you when you swing with Bach, it begins to feel like sex.

As everybody knows, that’s terribly bad for you.

So I’m not going to dwell at any very great length on the niceties and the disciplines of the pursuit of pleasure in that so-called lower sense. I only want to say in passing. That. If you don’t have. The realization that the pursuit of material pleasure requires a certain degree of asceticism.

You won’t be able to pursue any other or higher kind of pleasure.

Because. Asceticism is not unpleasant.

Asceticism is like an olive between wines you cleanses the palate and what’s the matter with olives.

It is like.

Taking some sort of exercise. Which can be very pleasurable indeed, provided you don’t do it grimly. There is a dreadful exercise being used today called jogging, which has absolutely nothing to recommend it because to begin with. When I watch people jogging, they obviously show they don’t know how to run. They’re running mostly on their heels and that jars the bones all the way through and upsets the vertebral disks and so on. And there’s a sudden grim determination about joggers. They tend to run in straight lines, which they believe to be the shortest distance between two points. A straight line is not the shortest distance between two points on earth. Because earth is wiggly. It is not a flat surface except by courtesy of bulldozers and occasional freaks of nature. This world, as I keep repeating, is a fundamentally wiggly phenomenon. But wherever human beings have been around, you will see they have a passion for Euclidean ism. Everything is ruled out in straight lines and put in boxes and grid patterns of streets are laid across the surface of the earth. And that tells you human beings have been. Why this passion for Euclidean order?

Because Mr. Euclid had a very, very simple mind and tended to think in these rather uninteresting shapes instead of in curvaceous wiggles. Now, nobody would fall in love with a Euclidean woman. What we appreciate about women is their curvaceous. Now.

And women in this offends some people because they are not sure that they can’t figure it out.

You never know quite what it’s going to do next. That’s why people often don’t like snakes, because a snake is the great symbol of wiggly vitality, of undulations, of waves. And all this world is fundamentally a system of wave vibrations. And if you cannot wave with it, if you are rigid.

You will always be resisting life.

So a wiggle in this and going with wiggle in this. In other words, do you swing is fundamental to the pleasure of life. But you see where we think that order and getting things in order is getting them squared away. We always say, let’s get it squared away. Let’s get it straight. And so there are certain kinds of people who are called streets and squares who do not swim.

And as a result of that, they are out of harmony with a wiggly universe.

And their attitudes range from cookery at one end to religion at the other, because a square religion.

Is one that is too abstract. That resists.

The flow element of life.

It wants a canal instead of a river. And it conceives heaven as a city rather than a rose garden.

Paradise is a garden.

And while the trouble began when people substituted the heavenly city for the Paradise Garden. When, in other words, popes began to be called urban.

And unbelievers were called pagan. Because guns is a country dweller. A man of the Wiggles as distinct from a man of the streets.

Deliver under the sky instead of one who lives in a box. Because the box you see is the great symbol of classification. What box are you in? All words are labels on intellectual boxes.

Is it animal? Is it vegetable? Is it mental? Three boxes. Is it solid or is it a gas? Is it Republican or is a Democrat? Is it capitalist or is it communist? Is it Christian or is it heathen? Is it male or is it female?

All boxes.

And so because we think in boxes, we live in boxes, it’s all made out of ticky tacky and they all look just the same. And whereas. Certain kinds of fish live in beautiful shells. Gloria spiraling wiggles on them and lovely colors. And what we tend to want everything straightened out. See? And that rigidity is always in a fight with the surrounding. Fluidity. And so we are, as it were.

Land lovers rather than men of this of the waves and the British have always made a great thing about this because they’ve always associated freedom with the ocean.

Who are so free as the sons of the waves and Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.

Because of this seamanship.

Now, we think you see of the sea as fluid and the land as solid. Nothing could be further from the truth, as you’ve all experienced recently in Southern California. The earth is not very solid.

It flows.

Where I live in Sausalito. We have all along the waterfront a lot of land that has been reclaimed, and not so long ago they built a marina quite close to it where they dredged out mud to make the marina, not realizing that land is liquid. Therefore, the land adjoining the water is sinking to fill up the hole made by excavating for the marina. People just don’t think of things like that because they think of land as solid. And so in religion, we are seemingly looking for solid. For something upon which I can take my stand for a firm foundation for the Rock of Ages or even poorer, reportedly for the ground of being.

But we are not living in that sort of universe.

We are living in a fluid universe.

In which the art of faith is not in taking one’s stand, but in learning to swim. You don’t claim to. You don’t try to stand on water. By breathing. And by a certain relaxation, you learn to trust the water, to support you.

This is even more true in flying in the air, gliding especially or in sailing.

In all those arts, there is an adaptation to the fluid, and that is the major thing that we have to learn. If we want to survive as a species and survive happily, nobody wants just to go on. One wants to go on in an elegant way. And even that passion for survival is something against pleasure.

Because nothing ruins pleasure more than the anxiety to go on having it more, more, more, because that shows when you ask for more, more, more and have the anxiety to go on that you’re not having it now.

You always think it’s coming, that you want jam tomorrow is more pleasing than jam today. And we say of something that is useless, it has no future. That’s the most awful thing you can say about it. I would rather say of something that’s no good. It has no precedent.

Not that has no future.

Calls the future is merely a promise in the same way as this symbol is merely a promise to pay. Promises, promises, promises.

So therefore.

It is fundamental to pleasure that one learns to wiggle.

And not be stiff and rigid.

As we would say, let them all relax. That doesn’t mean become droopy. Relax means to become supple. It also means to learn the strength of your weight.

How to use weight, how to flow with gravity water, for example, always flows with gravity and it wiggles.

It takes the course of least resistance and yet has tremendous strength.

But we in our white Anglo-Saxon Protestant ethical system, not to mention our Irish Catholic one, which is really the same thing only a little bit more fancy and dressed up in lace is to take a line of least resistance is considered cowardly and despicable. Go straight, flowing right through the bulldozer ahead.

Why go straight? We’ve got to get there fast sway. Shortest distance between two points.

I get back to jogging.

That is not the right way to run, the right way to run is to dance. To dance across the countryside and anyone who dances across the countryside will outwit and out time the jogger.

I don’t know if any of you witnessed the. World Cup in soccer last year on television. It was won by the Brazilian team and I have never seen such soccer. That’s not the way they told us to play it in school.

As the Sportswriter and The London Times put it, they danced their way to victory because the whole thing was like very fine basketball, where instead of being this sort of tough pushing the victory, they were lilting with the ball. And the most incredible teamwork of subtle passing, bouncing it off almost any part of the body with a capacity to give it direction, with one’s back, with one shoulder, with one’s hip, anything head. It was a beautiful art and a magnificent spectacle. But you see, we are not taught to do things that way because we are taught that life is serious. And therefore must be done in an efficient way. But according to Euclidean ideas of efficiency. In ancient times when people worked, they used to sing. Hardly anybody sings anymore except at a performance of some kind or something like that. Imagine a bank teller singing as they were counting out the money.

Oh, the king was in his counting house, counting out the money, five, 10 and 20, 30, 40, 50 hip hop.

Why not? What would happen if you were confronted by a singing bank teller would complain to the management and say, this is money is very serious. He could sing about it. Everything will go wrong. Can you imagine a stockbrokers working song?

I have seen people. I once had my shoes shined in a New York subway. That was a most extraordinary performance.

Could you do that? Did he do that?

No. And he was swinging. And imagine supposing you were a bus driver.

You know, most people when they drive a bus in through city traffic, they are cursing and swearing and being angry and fighting the clock all the way through town.

Well, that’s a disaster. But imagine driving a bus.

With the idea that going from here to there wasn’t the point wasn’t to get there, but the promise was to go. And dancing that bus through the streets with very, very skillfully accurate traffic dodging, and when you get to a stoplight in the JAG, you play a little tune on the horn where you pass jokes to the cab driver near you or you play with the passengers.

See, anything can be turned into juggling in playing with balls. That’s why they have a ball.

So this bus driver is swinging through the streets and he prides himself in the marvel of his Topsy Korean art. But people don’t do because work is not supposed to be pleasant, because you get paid for it. You’re not supposed to get paid for enjoying herself.

See, that’s what I did.

I think I’m smart.

I talk to you not because I think I’m doing you any good, but because I like talking about these things. And if you pay me for it, then I make my living as simple as that. I’m a sort of philosophical entertainer.

But that’s the point that the transformation of work.

Is winging it. And the curse of work that came in the story of Genesis as he work became a curse because the tree of knowledge.

Was the knowledge not of good and evil in the ordinary sense, but of the advantageous and the disadvantageous? The words in Hebrew refer to the art of metallurgy.

That’s where the trouble begins.

When we use technology.

To get there fast.

And the faster we get the.

The less worth is the place of arrival.

Because you’ve eliminated the distance between. And that’s what makes the difference between here and there, the distance. If you take it away, then there is the same as here. So there was no point going there. There’s no point going from here to Honolulu. None, whatever. It’s the same place. To all intents and purposes, and certainly no point in going from Los Angeles to Tokyo. I mean, there are a few nice little bars in Tokyo where you get sushi, but you can get them in Los Angeles, novelist Tokyo’s come to Los Angeles. Superior is practically the same place and both have the same smog. The police in Tokyo wear gas masks when they’re directing traffic.

You know, crazy is this wealth. You have a hundred and fifty thousand dollar house in Beverly Hills. You live in poison gas. Crazy, that’s wealth.

So work then being regarded as a method of getting there effectively. A lot of businessmen imagine that they are practical people. Not an answer philosophy in that kind of thing. I’m a practical manager to get things done.


What is practical? Well, you made money, but that’s not practical until you spend it. Did you enjoy it?

And it’s very difficult to enjoy money. Money is a great responsibility. Besides, if you get lots of it, you’re afraid something is going to take it away.

It gives you the jitters.

I know lots of people think that if that little more money, their problems would be solved and they get it and they worry about their health, though, is something to worry about if you’re the worrying kind. Oh, wait, it can get worse instead of getting better by achieving all those things you think will stop you worrying.

So the first principle. Any we could call it the art of pleasure. Is humor sweet?

And that means, or at least it looks like superficially that you mustn’t take anything seriously.

You must realize that life is a form of dancing, and dancing is, of course, not serious. And that’s why it’s prohibited by Baptists. And you do meet people of that kind. They don’t approve of dancing even in the Catholic Church. We don’t normally see priests dancing. I mean, it’s not because it’s sexy. You can dance without partners of the opposite sex. You can dance by yourself, but it’s considered undignified. This was all started by one of David’s wives. When I think her name was. And it wasn’t Bathsheba. I forget which one it was. Perhaps somebody remembers it better than I do. Anyway, way he danced before the Ark of the Covenant and she approved him for being undignified. Because he didn’t set stiff and rigid.

But what is the virtue in being stiff and rigid as loud says that man at his birth is supple and tender? But in death, he is rigid and hard. Plants when young are juicy and soft, but when old they are brittle and dry. And thus, suppleness and softness are the signs of life, but rigidity and hardness are the signs of death. I suppose some men confuse. Psychic rigidity was getting a hard on or at least substituted for it. As they substitute guns, rocket ships and other things of that kind to manifest a masculinity which isn’t really there. But suddenly women should uphold to us.

I mean, the real secret of women’s liberation is the liberated woman, the woman who is the human serpent.

The wiggly one, the gentle one who has the power of water. And we should look to that as loud again said.

The valley spirit does not die. The valley spirit, that is the spirit of the valley, that is the feminine as distinct from the mountain, which is the male.

And so while being a man, you should have a certain feminine element. Because then you will become a universal channel. How old are the masculine? Yes. The mountain is necessary for that to be a valley. You can’t have values without mountains. But unfortunately, the gorgeous music of Handel has prevented us from realizing the horror of that biblical passage. Every valley shall be exalted.

And every mountain laid low, the rough places made plain, why it’s happening all over California. So.

The feminine in the sense of the lilting, the playful, the curvaceous, the soft. Is the neglected principal by all us, Euclid NS. And it is the principle of life and of nature.

But the problem that exists for rigid people and we all get rigid in the sense of resistance, resistance to life, resistance to change is how on earth do I stop that syndrome, which makes me girls uptight.

How do I stop that? Because it’s useless.

Almost useless.

And do you know that your basic sense of ego of existing here and of being I as distinct from all that?

Do you know it is muscular tension?

Of a certain kind that is your the physical basis of your sense of identity. It is. For example, you can try this experiment, man, and maybe we’ll just try it. It’s the simplest thing to do. I just want you to look. Little downwards at whatever view is just in front of your eyes, just allow your eyes to rest on that.

Just let the light, the color play with your eye. See, just rested easy. Now, supposing I said now I want you to look hard at it. Pay attention.

To be totally attentive and aware of what is in front of you, so look hard. Now do that. Do whatever you would do if somebody told you to look hard.

Now don’t do it. Just see.

Don’t love. Now, again, look hard. And now don’t do it.

So what’s the difference between the two states? What did you do when you were looking hard that you didn’t do when you were looking easy?

Well. 1.

How do you tense your brain? What did you tense of muscles around the eyes? Anything else? Temples? Yes. Narrow your focus. Yes. That was a muscular action.

The seed money won. Where do you feel concentration?

You all go tense, tense, although. But you see muscular tension in your jaw and your focal muscles has absolutely nothing to do with seeing the focal muscles of the eyes, all they do is simply open or close the aperture or move the lens in such a way that it becomes in focus. It doesn’t need any effort to do that.

In fact, the effort you make when you look hard distracts from your seeing accurately. But we are constantly making efforts to do everything we do. For example, will something. We make all this absurd, muscular straining. Grit your teeth doesn’t help you to do anything at all, this accumulates as a constant strain between the eyes and hair, and that’s what you call I.

That sensation of totally unnecessary strain that exists all the time. That is the ego, the physical referent of the idea. Ego. Does that unnecessary strain, does that tells you you exist? Teacher I’m trying at least give me B for effort.

And it doesn’t work.

So we could say psychic staring. Is the ego. That we feel as being the center of myself, which is opposed to and which is resisting all that is defined as not myself.

And so that rigidity of holding against life, so that I maintain my shape, my form, my place.

All the time that constant resistance makes you uptight and unable to swing through fear of what will happen if you let it go. And so therefore, a non wiggly person is an adaptive and a wiggly world. And so you get these in sexual, mechanical like behavior patterns that have to go on, on, on regularly. Always the same. Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug.

And. They are not adaptable.

And it doesn’t hold up as we watch, as it is holding up. The cracks are in the pavements.

And, you know, the grass comes through.

We’re squaring all the fish out of existence. Well, what will the be to eat? Somebody said we’re gonna be left with nothing but crows, crab grass and an edible fish. So this is it is there. You might say it’s a square world, but then you can always not buy preaching at people and condemning them. But by wooing them, you can get them to come off it. See, that’s the thing that I’ve often said, that preaching is no good.

Because on Sunday, you go to church and the preachers baa, baa, baa, baa, baa and lays down the law, law, law, and always he throws the book at you.

Lutheran Church.

The minister wears the same robes as the judge. He’s got the book up there and on it is it tell you what to do, he tells God what to do.

As endless talk fest goes on.

And when you get to sing, you sing hymns while hymns that religious nursery rhymes. They all have dreadful tunes and stupider words. And that’s all. The singing may be required as an anthem.

Nobody dances.

And there’s nothing mysterious going on except in the Catholic Church and they’re trying to get rid of it and now translate the mass into English that everybody understands it and finds out the last, but it meant after all.

Sunday is supposed to be the day the swing is a God, worked for six days and seventh day rested as a time out, time out from being rational and methodical and efficient.

It’s like a Mardi Gras. It’s like the old meaning of an orgy. A carnival.

You got to be crazy a little. Because if you’re not crazy at regular intervals, you’ll become insane. Because you’re too rigid, you don’t swing in the wind. So you’re gonna collapse.

But again, the problem remains father, rigid person, and we all have a rigidity.

How on earth do we release it?

Because I noticed that people who undertake programmes of derision define themselves. Maybe psycho analysis, maybe therapy of some other kind. Maybe exercises. It may be a sensory awareness training, maybe encounter groups, it may be yoga. All sorts of these rigid defined processes are done in such a grim mood.

I know as a book call, you must relax because then people get into these things and they start playing games.

You know, it’s like people who retire and they think they’re going to have fun. So they get on the golf course early in the morning. And instead of enjoying golf, which is entirely possible, they begin to think not in terms of athletics, but of mathematics. What is my score?

So they gamble on it and that gives it the interest of the prayer out of the abstract aspect. See how much? What is my measure? Do I matter? That matter is the same as the word meter, say measure. Do I matter? And so they get this religion of golf and playing all sorts of social games tied in with it in its various areas.

Then when golf is over, they’ll go to the bridge table.

When they’re completely worn out, they’ll get vaguely drunk. And this grim pursuit of pleasure goes on. And the religious people do it, too. They do their meditations. At 40 minutes before breakfast. No. Meditate.

Then they’ve got stages they couldn’t get through it and they wonder whether so-and-so so-and-so is doing yoga with Mrs. X and so-and-so is doing it with Swami B and Mrs. X, his followers are afraid that Swami is phony.

And it’s not quite the real thing. Well, how do you know whether he’s the real thing or not? Well, they’re genuine. Swami is can perform magic and they can remain under composed and forest long for an indefinite period without benefit of embalming.

Crazy. Now, what does that prove?

You see, it’s the same old thing that is spiritual technology and the people who want power, who want to get there fast. I want results now.

That same temperament that wants it in the management of the material world wants it in the management of the spiritual world.

My yoga is more efficient than yours because it’s faster. I’m going to get that.

So we come to the great question, where is there? You’re gonna get that. Where is it? What do you want? Where are you going?

Very few people now.

Some people have a precise, I would say, disciplined, clear sense of what they want. And they get it. And then they stop. As G.K. Chesterton once wittily said, progress is looking for a place to stop.

The very few people like that.

Most people you see when they think of pleasure that don’t have any very definite idea. Or else they have a definite idea, which isn’t really what they wanted. When they get it, they don’t like it. So they’re saying, be careful of what you desire. You may get it.


Fundamentally, then the question arises, where is that? Where’s your rush? Where are you going? What are you progressing?

Stop, look and listen.

Because you may be there already money that you don’t notice it. From the point of view of a starving. Indian in a Calcutta slum.

We are all as lucky as Mike Rogers. Even the most generous person in this room is, by comparison, the Maharajah.

You know that you’ve arrived.

But you say it can’t last. Eventually I’m going to turn into a corpse. That’s gives you the horrors you’re going to take a painful route to that end to be a terminal case and hospital on the, you know, a lot of tubes.

So I don’t want to disintegrate.

So. How can I overcome that?

So you turn to religion.

And say, well, that’s physical demise is an unfortunate limitation of the body. So I’m going to identify myself with something beyond the body so that I can believe that that will go on. That will be the true vehicle of my personality. I shan’t lose all that I’ve acquired carrying around with me my bag of rubbish. I managed to smuggle it across the border. I say you can’t take it with you, but you can if the guards can’t notice it because the baggage is spiritual. Do you know what the gate of heaven is here about the pearly gates? People think its gates decorated with pearls. It isn’t. The gates of heaven. It says in the Book of Revelation is one pile.

It’s got a hole through the string. You’ve got to get through there. And you can’t get through if you’ve got a lot of baggage. So you’ve got to leave your past behind. To get through now, what happens to you when you get rid of your past? Forget it. Don’t forget who you are. The future, of course, is the past reflected in your rear vision mirror. As McClellan says, he borrowed the metaphor from me as right. We like people driving, looking at their rear vision mirror. So you’ve got to let go all that past in order to get in through the pearly gate. And what is what is left of you when you let go your past? What remains? You can’t bring out your education. Can’t bring out your ancestry.

Can’t bring out your distinguished accomplishments, things you’ve done, because I say while you’ve done all that. But let’s see what you can do now.

Where are you? Who are you? When you have no past? After all, there isn’t any past, whereas it.

Twist your commonsense around and see that you’re not being shoved by the past, you’re just leaving it behind like tracks. It’s not pushing you unless you insist on it will always pass the buck. Everybody does that. They say it’s mine. I’m an erotic mess because my mother was a neurotic mess.

I never had a fair chance in life.

And somebody says to your mother, you should you brought up a child like that? Well, she says that it’s too bad. I know, but I couldn’t help it. I was a neurotic mess and my father was just appalling and my mother was dreadful. And they go back over their shoulder and said, well, it was our parents.

Everybody passes the buck to the past. It gets back to Adam. Any. And you know what happened there? They passed the buck to the serpent.

And God looked at the serpent.

He didn’t ask how sweet the fruit of the tree where I told you about us, not eat. It is looked at the serpent. The son didn’t say anything.

So this happened. The wiggle, it really doesn’t have a past. Because it wiggles from its head backwards to the tail. And it’s always the head where it starts. So are you ahead? Are you just a tail? Do you move backwards? Forwards.

Which way you’re going? If you’re leaving your past behind you, it doesn’t drive you. It wells up out of a mysterious presence. Ever knew this moment is the creation of the universe? Starting now to look back and back and wonder whether there was a big bang a long time ago, all you’ll see is vanishing traces.

The big bang is happening now is when the world begins. You’re doing it.

No, you’re not doing it by straining you deeper than the straining you is doing all this the same you that is growing your hair and coloring your eyes and making a thumb prints and all that.

You don’t think about it. You don’t strain muscles to do it.

But that is what is creating the world. Here it comes. Now. So instead of. Thinking that the past is the reality, which explains everything that happens now.

Let’s look at now and see it happening.

Where does it happen from? That’s a question asked only by people who think that the past causes the present. There was one of them where it comes from, who started it. What makes it happen? Supposing nothing makes it happen?

As it happens. Well, what is it that happened? Again, we get to this basic question, what is it that you want? Whereas it. What you’re looking for.

It’s the same question as what is reality? What is now? What is life?

You will get at it by analysis of all sorts of things into their components.

We’ll get it by labeling it in various ways and calling it names. You can only find out what it is by looking at. My feeling it director.

And all kinds of classification where we say, well, it’s animal, vegetable, mineral is this that the other thing is putting it in boxes and tidy it up.

So tidy up and put everything away in a box. The boxes inside boxes and all that sort of thing that’s tied it up, but when it’s all put away in boxes, you can’t see it. Instead of putting everything in boxes, let’s just look at it the way it comes.

Now, that’s enough. To start with.

I’ve therefore discussed the principle of the necessity of wiggling. Only when I say necessity, you mustn’t take that word in a Calvinist sense.

We’ll talk about the pleasure of wiggling as a means of adaptation to the wiggly world.