The Arts is part of the Extended Seminars Collection. Philosophies of Asia was one of the first Essential Lecture series compiled in 1972 after Alan’s son Mark began to assemble a collection of core talks. The series serves an inspired introduction to Far Eastern ways of liberation, including Hinduism, Taoism, and Zen Buddhism.

Originally mastered for cassette the series was updated and remastered for CD in the mid-90’s and was also released to public radio as part of the Love is Wisdom program.

3.6.4 The Way of Tea Part 2

Now I was explaining for you this morning the basic connection between Zen Buddhism and the secular everyday world in which there is no obstruction, no barrier, between the sacred and the secular. The transcendent, and the everyday worldly. If you see, you relate to...

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3.6.3 The Way of Tea Part 1

Every religion in the world has a drink appropriate to it. Christianity and Judaism are wine. Islam is coffee. Hinduism, milk or maybe pan. Buddhism is tea, appropriately enough, because Buddhism is the way of awakening. The word Buddha means the awakened one, and tea...

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3.6.2 The Importance of Space

I want to talk to you tonight about the most important thing in Eastern philosophy and this that exists which is space. Space largely neglected by us as being nothing, even though our architects talk about uses of space, characters of space and qualities of space. And...

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3.6.1 Bushido

I decided that I should talk to you about something with relevance to your careers. And those of you who are in a religion class have recently been studying Buddhism, and as a subdivision of that you have been studying Zen Buddhism. And you may well know that the...

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