The Future is part of the Extended Seminars Collection. Alan discusses the ways in which methods of communication, religion, social constructs, and political themes have developed over time.

3.7.15 Time and the Future Part 1

So this is the first of a series of four weekends devoted to the subject of the future. And each session is pretty much each weekend is pretty much self-contained. There's a certain continuity but it's moving towards the center point from various different points on a...

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3.7.16 Time and the Future Part 2

I was discussing this morning. The way in which time which is a measure of motion, involves us in certain illusions. Principally what I call the historical illusion. That is to say, that the meaning of human life lies in living through a progression of events, which...

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3.7.17 Time and the Future Part 3

At the end of the question period yesterday, I said with under something which I would have to take up today. And this arose because we were discussing the problem of prediction. Which is of course related to the problem of control. I had made a passing reference in...

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