The Universe is part of the Extended Seminars Collection. Alan discusses the ways in which the universe is an on/offing system that generates worlds, peoples, and consciousness as a way of knowing itself.

3.9.5 Power of Space Part 1

You may think it rather nervy of me to devote this whole seminar to talking about nothing. But it's about space. And in most people's minds space is just nothing unless it's filled with air. But once you get outside the air, space maybe in some way crossed. By...

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3.9.6 The Power of Space Part 2

Last night I began by revealing two possible concepts of the nature of space. One that it is simply an abstraction and projected upon the physical world in rather the same way that we project measurements. Lines of latitude and longitude or the cutting-up of another...

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3.9.7 The Power of Space Part 3

It's curious, how, past the middle of the twentieth century, there's a very strong evidence of a revival in western philosophy, of what used to be called idealism. Not in the moral sense, but in the metaphysical sense. That is to say, of the feeling that the external...

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3.9.8 The Power of Space Part 4

This morning I want to talk about space in relation to what is ordinarily is called reincarnation. Because this is one of the most fascinating applications of the sense that space constitutes something significant. Now, the subject of reincarnation is one around which...

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