Audio Summary Project


We heard you wanted to help us summarize Alan Watts’ audio archive.
We’re happy to have you on board.

Let us run you through the process of taking the audio recordings and creating a summary document that will eventually be used to supply Alan Watts fans with more creative content.

1. Click here to view the list of talks that currently need summarizing (the ones with strikethrough have already been done). You may request up to 10 talks to summarize at a time. Email your talk requests to and he’ll confirm those talks aren’t already being worked on. Once confirmed, Justin will provide the requested audio files for you.

2. Copy and paste the Audio Summary Form form below into your favorite note taking program (Word, Pages, Note, Docs, etc.).
Read through the form beforehand so you’re familiar with what information you’ll need to look out for as you listen.

3. Fill out the name of the series and the name of the individual talk within that collection (If one talk contains multiple parts, it will still be treated as one talk).

4. Take notes as you listen through the talk. Write down a few memorable quotes verbatim (include the timestamp) and listen for a good shareable section that is around 5 minutes long (include in/out timestamps).

5. Go back through the notes and summarize the talk into a few concise but broad-sweeping paragraphs that can be read in roughly 2-5 minutes. This is the bread and butter.

6. Feel free to add in any personal notes in the bottom section about your take on the talk (this is more for our interest than public consumption).

7. Copy/paste the entire contents of your document into an email and send it along to

8. Pat yourself on the back, you rock. And we eternally grateful!


Audio Summary Form


Name of Series :

Name of Talk :

Most memorable quote(s) :

Paragraph Summary : (Roughly a 3 minute read)

Top 5 Points :

Keywords / Topics / Tags :

Captivating Sample : (3-5 minutes)

In time : xx:xx

Out time : xx:xx

Summary Author Name :

Notes by Summary Author :