Celebrating the Life & Works of Alan Watts

Celebrating the Life & Works

of Alan Watts

“You are in relationships with the external world that, on the whole, are incredibly harmonious.

— Alan Watts from Philosophy and Society

About Us

The Alan Watts Organization is dedicated to preserving Alan’s legacy through archival efforts and creative partnerships. Our goal is to make his work accessible digitally as well as through traditional media, and to help spread his message to future generations.

The AWO is a descendant of the Electronic University, which Alan and his son Mark Watts co-created shortly before Alan’s death in 1973. Our goal is to perpetuate Alan Watts’ legacy by providing a definitive online resource for information about Alan’s written and recorded works.


We maintain and curate the vast collection Alan Watts’ audio and video works. These recordings were created by Alan, and recorded by Alan, Mark Watts, and American sound artist and humorist, Henry “Sandy” Jacobs. In addition to the original lectures, Mark and his father crafted audio courses guiding listeners through Alan’s recordings, and we’re presently working to complete our digital archive by converting reels, cassettes, VHS, and early digital formats produced by the original Electronic University.


We are continuously in the process of making Alan’s work more accessible by developing public synopses, robust search functionality, and digital audio of his recordings. Overall we hope to make Alan’s work more widely available, and to further enhance the archive that has been maintained since the mid-1970’s through remastering and creative derivations.